The Beginning

by slowfatmotion

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released February 1, 2017

Todos los temas compuestos por Alejandro Salazar y Mane Salinas,
excepto Attention y Girl In Motion, compuesto por Alejandro Salazar
y We Fly, compuesto por Alejandro Salazar, Mane Salinas y Daniela Rousseau.

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Alejandro Salazar en
Estudios Fattyroad durante abril y diciembre de 2016,
asistente de mezcla, Mane Salinas.

Diseño por Alejandro Salazar.

Producido por Alejandro Salazar.

Reservados todos los derechos del productor fonográfico
y de los titulares de las obras grabadas.

Unique Recordings 2017



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Attention

Every day sunny days
all those questions fade away

shine bright baby, i feel so amazed
shine bright baby, ins’t it crazy?

attention and intention
with our thoughts we make the world
perfection is our direction
the calm embraces us when the day is gone
Track Name: We Fly
We Fly

Let me be your roots
let me flow with you
i’ll help you through your branches
touch the sky

baby you and i
we fly
when you realize
you can breathe, you can live

now i know
our skin is so close
and your breath is mine
i feel we can fly
Track Name: Naked

Why do you think you are better than anyone?
you make me feel like you’re chasing
something that you just can`t find

i know underneath you are just a scared guy
i know everything but your disguise

you don’t have to tell me anything
oh, boy it´s funny
‘couse i know, you’re picturing me naked

you still believe you are nothing but a complex mind
you make me realize you’re falling
and lying on a bed of lies

i know you want me, but boy, you don`t try enough
oh baby, this ain’t going anywhere

if pain and gain are messing with you
you know well, and that’s for sure
you’ll never get me out of your head
Track Name: Never Ending Thoughts
Never Ending Thoughts

There’s nothing
left to say that could bring me back
to the real life
you can`t see me
i’m still here watching you bleeding
i can’t stop, you can’t stop

can you see?
you don’t belong here
i’ll bring you back
to my state of mind
you can`t see me
while i’m watching you bleed
i can’t stop, you can’t stop

and i
i try and try to feel you
but i can’t feel you, i can’t feel you
‘couse of my never ending thoughts
Track Name: Let's Give It All
Let’s Give It All

No, no games
i´m not trying to play
just, just, just
look at me
what do you feel?
i know what you`re gonna say
say you want me inside yourself

no, no girl
i´m not your game
just, just, just
stay with me again and again
i know that you`re not afraid
give up baby and take the chance

oh, oh
let`s give it all
oh, oh
let`s give it all

are you experienced enough, girl?
‘couse no one else sees you like i do
come let’s give it all
let’s give it all tonight
Track Name: Loving You
Loving You

You are on fire with a ray of light
your hair’s on fire with this orange shine
my eyes are tired ‘cause you’re like a fire
i’m loving this, i’m loving…

your smile in summer brings a perfect calm
my mind is quiet with you by my side
unique and bright in shock with your blue eyes
i’m loving this, i’m loving you

the sea turns quiet listening to your thoughts
it seems like people run away from us
a second later we’re two in the world
i’m loving this, i’m loving…

your voice sounds perfect with the ocean behind
no room for silence we are made of laughs
we talk for hours while the night is young
i’m loving this, i’m loving you

fill your glass
it`s our time
you and i
feels fine

with your smile
by my side
feels so right
look how we shine
Track Name: Girl in Motion
Girl In Motion

Sick and tired of struggling with your own mind
through the gray and lonely ride
i can see it in your eyes

realize, this sick world needs your laugh
30 years is more than enough
Now it’s time to see you glow

you’re moving slow but sure
like the big fat moon
you’re just a girl in motion

fear of the unknown
nature of the mind
nice to have you on my side
lovely girl this is your time

play your cards right
then forget the past
and death is part of life
sing your heart out loud at nights

think outside the box, go where no one goes
there’s a time to cry and a time to fly
Track Name: Sudden Explosions
Sudden Explosions

I keep my lips wide shut
i keep my eyes on you
so you can understand

this sudden explosions is too much love
going up and down
i’ve been waiting for this all my life
can’t explain it, oh…

this sudden explosions is too much love
going up and down
i’ve been waiting for this all my life
can’t explain it, i guess i’m your real love

you’re the only one i’ve ever wanted
you’re my only dream, my only night
don’t ask me why, can’t explain it, oh…
Track Name: Norah

I should’ve cared a little more about you
i should have imagined how it feels a night without you
so far away from you
it’s hard to think how i could sleep
I should’ve cared a little more about you

please, wake me up tonight, wake me up tonight so loud
please, make some noise outside
so i can go after you, oh, oh, oh

follow your sound on your way back home
i’ve been waiting for you
i’ve been missing you
please, come back home

even now i know
you’ll find your way back home
Track Name: Nothing but a Memory
Nothing But A Memory

This is nothing but a memory

what’s wrong with you?
you told me once
you’d never hurt me, but you did
maybe i was wrong
how was i supposed to guess
you’re not who you said you were

but it doesn`t matter now
oh, oh, oh, oh
this is nothing but a memory

where did the magic go?
it disappeared
we lost it somehow
everything feels like an illusion
has it ever existed?
you’re not who you said you were

you’ve decided our future
and push me, and push me away
i wanted to be by your side

i woke up and saw you for
the last time in my life
you left it all behind